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>> dana: you know how i watched that movie? the movie freaked me out. i was on an airplane. the person in front of me and to the right were watching it. i'd watch it without the sound. it was disturbing. >> eric: see all of you welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy or known in certain parts of san francisco, greg gutfeld. now to tom shalou, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, andy. mitt romney manages to disc both pbs and nickelodeon in the same week. i don't know why he hates children so much. maybe it is because so many will grow up to be women, minorities and poor people, his mortal enemies. and a texas school district is forcing students to wear radio tracking chips and civil libertarians are crying foul. but don't they cry foul when adults are implanted with
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chips too? you can't make them happy. and come on down. the price is right -- "the price is right" names its first ever male spokes model. i don't know where this leads us as a culture, but i'm sure on a slippery slope. andy? >> see you at the half. let's welcome our guests. i am here with remi spencer. and it is gavin mcguiness, writing fore "talking ma" and street" and bill schulz who thinks he is on "glee" and it is dennis neil. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. >> so does he not like our nation's tykes? apparently mitt romney hates children. he promised to kill big bird with his own bear hands, i believe. and obama's campaign hasn't forgotten. >> i am barack obama and i approve this message. >> bernie madof, ken lee, criminals, gluttons of greed and the evil genius who towered over them? one man has the guts to speak
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ties name. >> big bird. >> big bird. >> big bird. >> it is me, big bird. >> big, yellow, a menace to our economy. mitt romney knows it is not wall street you have to worry about. it is "sesame street." >> mitt romney taking on our enemies no matter where they nest. >> big bird's corporate masters, yes, he has them, requested the campaign take down the ad saying in a statement, sesame is a nonprofit organization and we do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns. more on romney's disgraceful war on children, they declined to participate in the kids pick the president special that includes president obama apparently because he couldn't fit it into his schedule. this decision disces children, but this week he straight up mooned them. as this photo shows here. not really. it is just a weird photo. let's talk about the big bird
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ad which even liberals at this poit are mocking. you own a commercial agency. does this spot work at all? >> i don't know. i can't get into the liberal brain. i guess that's who they are going for. i think the problem with this commercial and the reason sesame street is scared of it is they don't want people to know they are doing really well for money. you are basically threatening one of their main supply lines. they get $45 million -- they gross that in 2010 for licensing. that doesn't include sesame place and all of this other stuff they get money from. the teachers it is really stupid to let people know how rich you are. then other people want your money. >> that's a good point. is it embarrassing that sesame street has asked the campaign to pull the ad? or is it embarrassing? >> i think the ad is what is embarrassing. not that sesame is asking them to take it down. they are nonpartisan, a
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nonpolitical organization. their request makes sense. i think what is offensive is the political ad. if the issue is 3w* ceasing public funding for the networks or the show, then have an intelligent debate about the issue. this ad is like a movie trailer. it is a dramatic voice and the stupid cut ins with the -- with big bird. i think it is playing to the lowest of the low in our community. >> dennis, shear my theory -- here is my theory, every day we talk about big bird we are not talking about libya. >> and we are not talking about the horrible economy and small business confidence which has plunged to new lows because people are afraid to invest because of how screwed up policy is. this would be a great ad if it were used as an andy sandburg "saturday night live" short. but for a president, an incumbent president to choose this as an ad is undignified for the office, but imagine if romney placed an ad likening
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obama to convicted felons, imagine what the liberal media would have done to that. the deem the extras run this ad, instantly likening romney who is accused of no crime, who has been accused of nothing more than, you had a 15% tax rate, and it was legal. they are likening him to ken lay from enron? more than that, he is right. i don't want to barrow money from the chinese government so i can fund pbs. i guarantee you if they cutoff funding tomorrow big bird will find plenty of buyers and backers. they don't need that money. that's of the issue that is skirting away with this funny ad. >> no one knew that sesame street license did great. now everyone knows that. you used to think it was totally dependent on the government. >> as the father of four daughters, whaz your name? >> i don't have a take because i don't remember their names.
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david was one, i think, but i am a little high right now. 2 wasn't barak who brought it out in the debate. gentlemen, you are right -- yes, 3% comes from the government. it does not matter. w45 it does to our budget is infan tess mall. every conservative looks at it and says, yes, destroy pbs. mitney -- >> is that a new name? >> yes. >> i wish her name was kit and he was a talking car. i would vote for him. >> he reminds me in warmth of kit. >> bill, i do kind of agree with you bringing up sesame street and big bird in the debate was bad, but it is the obama campaign -- >> why was it stupid? >> how is it going to solve any problems? >> it is analogous of bigger problems. things to get money when you
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don't need them. >> why did he have to throw big bird into the discussion? >> the very fact that it stirred a counter after obama which is why it was a great thing to bring up. our government spends too much on entitlement programs and we had no idea. >> things that matter, that ain't one of them. >> that's not the conversation america is having. we are talking big bird. let's talk about government funding and subsidees. >> that's what the big bird con veer shags is about. >> -- conversation is about. >> he brought it up and it is a small thing, but he didn't make a big deal. it was a throw -- throw away. it is the obama campaign that is their cause celeb. i will go back to something i said earlier. they are so scared of libya right now because that will blowup in the next couple weeks. if they can find anything to talk about that stops people from talking about libya they are happy, even if it is something as stupid as this. >> i agree with you.
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it is an opportunity for the obama administration to deflect on something other than the problems. and it is embarrassing that the way they have chosen to do that. >> in the past couple weeks obama was on the view. he had a big fundraiser in front of his pals. he did the nickelodeon show, and he had a horrible debate performance. does he possibly need to check his priorities? >> he is ay smart, very deluded, very isolated and arrogant individual, and that's not great when you are running for president. smart is just one of about 32 things you need to be good at. >> i think it is time to reassess the whole smart verdict on obama. and it is time to decide that obama is not smart at all. and if he were, why not do the first debate where romney kicked his butt. why is irch -- why is everyone
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saying obama is so smart? it lays out the parts where obama is stupid and all of the things he has chosen to do. obama is told all his loif how smart he is. you are so smart. and then he is pouty and persnikity citing far more facts and figures. >> and i think i said this last week on the show or maybe earlier this week. my memory is gone. he is more comfortable, gavin, going on "the view" or going nickelodeon. today he was on a sports talk radio show. he loves doing stuff like that. i don't think he likes the actual being president of the. >> i don't think he likes politics. they said that recently. in the book "the amateur" his peers said he always wanted to do speeches and standing up there and being the preacher. but he didn't like the getting the hands dirty and getting into the nuance of the
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economy. boring. >> i totally agree. recommend -- remi, can we put up the ap photo? should ap have run this photo? >> that is a stupid photo. i don't see the point of running it except to embarrass and humiliate. i don't see any other purpose, and they should not have run it. >> would they have run this picture if it was of your savior, obama? >> yes because it is hilarious. when you or -- when you are somebody like the ap and you want to sell your photos you will run this so shows like us will put it on. of course you run that picture. >> they came out with a clarification saying the girl was reacting that way for a photo in front of her. it had nothing to do with her whatsoever. from you a fire service you
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shouldn't be posting a photo. >> if you see the full picture, romney is panting the host. i thought that was completely out of line. >> he is a well-known prankster. >> he is doing that in front of the children of america. >> they would not show that foe owe of obama. baby has back of the. >> they wouldn't show that photo of other important individuals in the press for so many reasons. you said it earlier. it is the dignity of the office. mitt romney is running for office. why does anybody feel just because they have the means that they have the right to put something like that. >> they want to make sure romney doesn't have a chance of getting elected. i have been a reporter for imreers, and i have -- for years, and i have never seen them be so bias. >> what about in 2008?
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>> not even close. >> really? >> i don't think it is close. >> i think there was a day in 1975. >> unfortunately i remember that day. >> june 17th. >> you don't remember that day. >> i do remember that day. >> from ignoring kids to keeping tabs on them, will uh tracking chip mean they won't skip? they are testing a new idea to track geographic locations at all times in an effort to reduce truancy. they are slated to reach a hundred schools in the state, but they are getting a trial run first. without the id badges around their neck they can't access the cafeteria and the library and can't buy tickets to extra kir curricular activities. she says she was bared from voting for prom queen and king. what is this world coming to? and if the tracking program works, higher attendance figures could lead to state funding. will students cut class? we asked a typical teen to comment.
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>> remy, given that you claim to be an attorney, i was a little shocked when you said in the green womb, and i want to get this right, quote this hospital go far enough. they should implant the chip under the little brat's skin. >> what? you said what? >> as is typical, i didn't get my words down precisely. >> obviously i didn't say anything of the sort. >> i am pretty sure we have the tape of me quoting you. >> i will believe it when i see it. >> putting aside the serious constitutional implications by this, and all of the other problems with the technology and using high school students as test monkeys for this new technology, doesn't this just shock your conscience that they are going to track
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people? >> wait a minute. can i just point out something? >> i don't think anybody will stop you. >> some 15-year-old has a right to privacy. i say to heck with him. he is a kid, a minor, and i will monitor you. you have no right to privacy when you are my daughter and you are 12 years old. >> there is a microchip on you at all times. >> it is just an id badge. >> but then you take a conservative view and hospital it be up to the parents? this is a government. 24 is a government now tracking. >> i think it goes too far. i think it is silly, but high school kids have a right to privacy. i say screw them. >> they do because our united states supreme court says they do. they have a diminished -- >> in what case? >> they have a do minutish inked right to privacy. >> i can't cite it for you now. >> they have a diminished right to privacy. >> they do have a do minutish inked right, but they don't
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check their constitutional rights at the school door. >> but access is diminished. to the heck with them. would you look at your kids' cell phone text without telling kids? >> this is not parents doing this. this is the school district. >> i do see it, and i am against it. i think the school is wasting time, but kids have no right to privacy. >> we are missing a very big point here. what i don't think you guys understand is the fact that kids may be dumb in school, but they are brilliant. they will take the badge and put it on the dor ky est dork. they can't go to every class and let him do all of the extra curricular activities and it is smoking in the boys room. >> the one reason i may be in favor of this kids will be forced to figure out a way
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around this which will be good training to when the government wants to plant it around us. >> this is the number of the beast. and it is used to identify say tan when he comes up. he will use it to identify crappy parents. >> you go to the parents and go you are a tool, come with me. >> remi, they track the location of the school's id24-7. that's already a problem. if they are not supposed to be in school, why are they still being tracked? >> they don't have the right to do that. >> and my question is who watches the watch men? >> talk about big brother. by allowing this to happen you are allowing them to track your children or their belongings wherever this id is 24-7. there is nothing, nothing constitutional about that. they do not have the right. >> and you know who thinks this is a great idea, pedophiles. if they hack into the system
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they can track where these kids are. >> that's not what pedophiles are going to do. they will hang out at the soda shop. >> there is a serious problem with pedophiles on the internet. we have terrible numbers when it comes to kiddy porn. this will be struck down. it is going to be struck down. it will be modified in someway. >> i think that people who are upset about this are confusing two different things. one is the capability they would have to watch them 24/7. but truly they have no funding, no employees to monitor it. they will never use the data for anything. we were just doing stories on this where they are so upset that oh my gosh they can follow you everywhere, but they are not going to bother. who cares? >> was this kid on adult crime just blocking heads? this goes back to my earlier theory. why mess with texas when they constantly mess with each other? >> gavin, last word to you.
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joy what this sums up too is government incompetence. it is a half million dollar program and 130 grand to monitor. no one is in charge of it. it just shows that this is what they do. they come up with a plan that involves tons of money, and then they are loot first and ask questions later. i got the money. what are you doing? >> i don't know. >> it is a hard line thing -- it is a headline for a hardware investment. >> also, bill, i have two questions, where do you draw the line, and secondly, where do you draw the line? >> oh boy, that's one of the chicken and egg things. first you draw a line, and then you draw a line. >> why are we talking about coke all the time? >> we didn't buy the table for nothing. >> coming up, should excons be encouraged to resume their life of crime? remi spencer, yes so i can make more money. first, should a breast cancer charity accept donations from a porn site, we report and blurt out. we are watching fnc so stick
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they wouldn't take a cut from purveyors of smut. a breast cancer charity rejected donations from a porn site that launched a save the boobs campaign for breast cancer awareness month. they would donate 1 cent for every 30 views in october and it hoped to help the susan g komen for the cure. but the foundation wanted nothing to do with it. they said, quote, we are not a partner and not accepting donations and asked them to stop using our name. the site is now looking for a new charity and says it attracts up to 90 million views a month and could raise a considerable amount of money. for more let's check in with our x rated correspondents, the furry brothers. >> push, push. push, push.
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keep going. >> i'm assuming we will put black bars in. that was horrible. >> remi, what do you make of this? the two arguments here is one is porn exploits women, so a foundation that is looking to help women shouldn't take their money. the other side of it obviously is if they want to help fund breast cancer research you should take it. >> i am on board with the latter. whatever your opinion is about the porn industry, that's fine. but i don't see the harm in allowing this. i know it is important to most of the men in this room. if they wanted to -- i think it is a smart business tactic. it is going to make men feel a little less guilty if they do feel guilty or better if they need it foregoing to porn. they are giving back to society. they are giving money to some treatment. and they tbet to enjoy their porn which we know they are going to do anyway.
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>> let me diffuse you of the notion that men feel guilty gorks so we are clear -- guilty, just so we are clear on that. would it be different if it was a porn site helping prostate cancer and that the charity would just take the money? >> that's a different case. it is apples and oranges, really. breast cancer charities are a myth. no one knows this, but it is already very free market solve vent to do breast cancer research. they don't need the money, but it makes people feel better. but prostate cancer investors don't feel they will get their return back. it needs charity. what i think we have learned here is what everyone doesn't want to know is that breast cancer charities are really just fashion. it is something women do to make themselves feel better about themselves. >> i think my head is going to explode. when she thought that would violate it she didn't go, oh, i can make more money. we can help more people. she is not about that. she is what looks good on me.
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>> the komen foundation bring in $350 million to $400 million every year. so it is easy for them to turn this down. they get money elsewhere. i think it is interesting though that so much more money goes to breast cancer research than prostate cancer research. and i think breasts are far more attractive. >> there are more of them. >> i did go out to dinner with a woman who -- >> congratulations. >> must be nice. >> i asked her what do you think of this? she has a fantastic build and she is a fan of porn. she felt the komen palm are being a little holyer than thou. instead of the komen foundation, heaters should step up. >> i don't think they would take it from hooters. when is breast cancer awareness month going to be aware that putting pink on nfl uniforms is not doing diddly squat. it looks stupid on the film. >> breast cancer research is doing fine. you might as well just raise
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money for porn. >> i don't like fine. as an american i demand better. and better is the porn industry helping them out. it is weird in a industry that destroys breast and stretches them and fills them with weird things wants to help them. >> last word jie. if people want to donate to breast cancer research because we don't have a cure. anyone affected should ignore what gavin said. >> breast cancer research is doing great. if you are worried about cancer, focus on our prostates. >> we will take a break before there is a fight on the set. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox do you have video of your animal doing something not bore ?g go to fox eye. click on video. we might use it. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by checkups. the general medical examinations taken to ensure one's health. thanks, checkups.
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let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. i am gets -- i am guessing we did. >> let's look at my notes. >> please do. >> the first story, romney, pbs, big bird,ett set raw. first of all, i wanted to check gavin's numbers. did you say 45 million. they grossed that in 2010 and that was just one of their sources of income that year. >> let's take a look at their income. $44 million last year for
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merchandise royalties. that's just royalties on things like the tickle me elmoett set raw. 30 million from consent distribution. one assumes that selling their television rights around the world. a total of 122 million in revenue not including the government grants. 122 million last year. >> and it was the same with the teacher that had the protest in madison. people were going, wait a minute, how do they make? you get two months off? it sends up being $60 an hour? >> to be fair to the teachers, they say they were on strike not because of the money, but they did not like this idea of raiding teachers, merit pay. they were against that. >> n incompetent people don't like spotlights and sesame street was trying to say that subtlely. >> i think remi they are right. they are a nonpartisan organization. this is actually getting to the ad.
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this is the obama ad. you said they are right. they are nonpartisan, and they shouldn't be featured in a political ad. so what if they are nonpartisan. the wind is nonpartisan. and it doesn't stop obama from putting the wind in his ads. >> that's a very valid point, tom. i think what i said is they have held themselves out that way, and they asked them to take down the ad. that's the exent it of it. if they filed a lawsuit they may not have a claim to take it down. they are putting it out there and we are not supporting one candidate over another. >> big wind is not supporting anyone, but people can put them in their ads. romney can put big bird in an ad too. >> as she just said, she is not saying the obama campaign can't do it. she is saying the sesame foundation asked them not to. >> andy you sound like you are
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pretty good at ambudsing. >> i am good at listening to what she said. >> oh that's what you have to do? it is so demanding. actually i have a theory i want to get out right now. i think remi, you said that he was foolish to speak of big bird, that it was a mistake of his. i think he was very crafty. can we get -- frank, do you have the photos? bring up the photo in the press all week. you see this in every major newspaper and on all of the websites. it is romney and big bird. let me tell you my theory. he brought up big bird on purpose. instead of saying pbs. he said i will de fund pbs. if he didn't specify big bird, do you know what the press would have done? they would have put this photo up there. it would have been romney against elmo. he is cuter. he is smaller. it makes romney seem meaner. that was crafty. i think his guys in boston thought that up. >> i will disagree with you.
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i think it was a misstatement. i think if he would take big bird out of the debate he would. >> he plans everything though. he is mitt romney. >> i am surprised you didn't pick burt and ernie because of the questions around their relationship. >> there are no questions around their relationship. they are friends. i am sick of hearing -- oh, you are talking burt and ernie? >> is big bird a tall lesbian? >> big bird does not seem like a five-year-old child. that's the role he plays. >> gavin, i actually just to get controversial here, you described president obama as being among other things, you describe as being isolated. do you want to take back that charged rhetoric? >> somebody told me recently that tom cruise doesn't even know that he is the laughing stock, and he doesn't know that scientology is for nut bars. he is kept in this bubble. he is walking through life going, do do do.
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everything is awesome. i think obama is the same way. when people insult him, it is a total slap in the face. the arizona governor when she wrote the little -- when she wrote the third of a paragraph, he couldn't handle it. he is not used to being criticized. he is doing his speeches and being on the view. >> you want to speak with the racially charged word ice lake? isolation? >> follow me, isolation, small spaces, small apartments, public housing, homeless people. >> oh my god, i didn't realize that. joy oh my god, i -- >> oh my god i am so sorry. >> what is a better word? mocha colored nievatay? >> gavin -- >> and he is always listening. >> you say obama is not used to being criticized, he is being criticized hard. >> well, what we know -- >> why is he being
12:36 am
criticized? the guy walks on water. >> forget the media. >> i have heard of a media outlet that does criticize obama. the name success scaping me. the name is escaping me. >> he was criticized by the house and by the senate. >> what hement to say was he was over and over -- >> not the most powerful name in news. >> what he meant to say was obama has been heavily criticized for the past four days. >> if he is so thoroughly crit sidessed where is -- criticized where is libya? why does everybody think unemployment is going great? >> not criticized by the press. i agree with that. but he has been criticized. >> he puts up with very little which is why he is so pouty. >> let's look at the next
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story, the tracking of students. remi you gave me a little job and you wanted mooy to check into the rights of students. there is a lot of information on-line. 1969 school district, and they said the students do not shed their constitutional rights at the school house gate, but the schoolhouses don't have gates anymore. it does seem to be a gray area. even the aclu says -- it says on the page, do i have a right to privacy and school? it says yes and no. and then it says, guys, this is school and not prison. >> i think that answer yes and no is right. that's what the supreme court said. you have diminished rights. that went to whether or not school officials could open your lockers with absent probable cause. police can't go into your car unless they have probable cause to believe they committed a crime. because of the children and a number of other reasons, school officials can open a locker, something short of
12:38 am
thinking you have committed a crime. >> why do all of these research. >> i didn't remember the name of the case. >> dennis, you said this is no big deal. we have these tags at work. do we have a tag on? >> we all have id's. if they know what employee is going through what doorway. if you want to challenge me on national television, you take off your jogging suit first. think about that. >> this is a sweater from a finery taylor. >> i bet it is. from a fine retailer. >> i bet it is. >> we can't even explore the can of worms with huge breasts that gavin opened up. >> why not? >> gavin, i can't -- you know, i wanted to do some checking on this about the funding of breast cancer. you made a huge claim that breast cancer doesn't they'd any funding. i -- doesn't need any funding. we are just going to have to
12:39 am
leave that one out there. >> if you don't think breast cancer research is doing well, go and look at the size of the house of a chemist who is remotely associated with the field. it is big bucks. >> that's proof of absolutely nothing. >> it is like big bird. it is a little tiny an neck dough tall evidence -- annecdotal. evidence. >> until there is a cure for breast cancer they need the funding. >> you would think maybe they would have said yes, thank you, porn. >> i agree 100%. >> they didn't do that because it is about fashion and about me feeling good about myself and me, me, me. >> what is that word you keep using, aboot? >> it is a northern term meaning revolving around. >> andy, i'm done. back to you. >> thanks, tom. coming up, who is better, the mac daddy or the daddy mac? not a story, just something brett bier tweeted me.
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and first, a male model on "the price is right"? a story on sexy we didn't get to it last night.
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he was declared the winner, and then declared dead. last week a florida man died soon after winning a giant cockroach eating contest. edward arch bald signed up for eating the insects at a reptile store. after putting away dozens of roaches he started vomiting, collapsed and later died. earlier in the night he participated in a super worm eating contest. authorities are trying to determine the cause of death. sounds like a tough call. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning round. >> gavin, at first glance you hear this and you say it is so stupid to eat these giant cockroaches. but then you hear the prize was a giant python. >> duh. and he said himself it wasn't just the python, which was awesome. but it was the glory. and now he is gone.
12:44 am
the only guy to die of being gross since michael jackson. >> and also under rated as a per former. >> a lawyer for the pet store that held the contest said the participants signed waivers when they entered the contest. will they be okay? >> they will be sued. how good the waivers are will be the question. i'm sure there will be -- i believe there will be a settlement in this case. >> it is a reptile story, how much more do they have? >> they have thousands of dollars in the bank. >> that's why you are required to carry insurance. >> i would like to come up with a couple of one-liners on this. i can't get away from the fact that a few days ago, a 32-year-old man died. sorry to be a buzz kill. but it is not funny stuff. i bet we find out it was some cardial infarction or something unrelated to the cockroaches. if you are a company sponsoring that contest you will be careful enough not to hurt your business by doing things that kill people. it is a tragic story and i am sorry to see it, and i hope we
12:45 am
have nothing more to do. >> you are just jealous of my zinger. bill, keeping with the tragic tone, as somebody whose diet consists mostly of bugs, are you a little afraid? >> let's low-income at the outline of the show. we started with big bird as a legitimate campaign point. we stick with microchipping kids, and then we bobbed and weaved and it was fund i had -- funded by porn. and now a guy dying from a roach eating contest. we are that future. >> case in point. >> next topic since dennis doesn't want to do this one. after decades of discrimination, "the price is right" has done the right thing and hired a male model. rob wilson was selected by an on-line viewer vote. sadly it only lasts one week.
12:46 am
after that he will be interning on greg's bus for a week or so. all right, dennis, considering "the price is right's" audience consists of stay-at-home moms. >> why did it take so long to do this? >> why is the shot of the model bare chested and i have never seen van gnaw white bare chested? they got so much publicity ut of this. and you do a nationwide shoich and you will give the guy one woke on the oir? is this all for not and all for nothing? thank you for the pr? >> should it be a permanent job? >> absolutely. somebody in an office high up in the sky who makes these decisions is going to realize it was a mistake to make it just one week. maybe it was a test run. maybe they thought the audience wouldn't like it. i am sitting here and i have never actually watched the show. if he was on it i might tune in. >> is this president obama's fault? well it is an example of president obama being graded
12:47 am
at his job and encouraging an environment where people are employed. >> look at the numbers here. if you look into the amount of money play girl makes, it is a tsunami of cash. women cannot -- have you ever seen the magazine scrotum weekly? it is flying off the shelves because women cannot get enough of men and men's bodies. the fact we don't have beautiful men on tv is probably communism or something, and obama is opening those doors. >> i am assuming you never watched a show called ncis" with a mr. mark harmon. is he delicious? >> what? what? >> have i never been more outraged in my life as i am right now. bill, take may out of my outrage hole. >> i will take you out of the outrage hole and address this bare chested thon sense. van gnaw white is no sweet chicken. rob is very young.
12:48 am
as we saw from his nip knack patty whacks he is perk. there is a reason he is bare chested and van gnaw is not. >> you would still hit that. >> i would hit him for how gorgeous he is and i would have to focus on that. >> women are not as horny as men. maybe it is time to stop pretending that. >> i agree with that. that said, i do think housewives or who ever is sitting at home watching price is right do not mind seeing a little eye candy. >> is it true that women are not as horny as men? >> i don't think you can say women are less horn ethan men. i think women are not as interested in seeing visual images of strangers. i don't think that does it for women. you will need to be a little more -- >> i think you just proved gavin's point. it is time for a break. when we come back, wall of
12:49 am
12:50 am
12:51 am
12:52 am
all right, last topic. a north carolina high school teacher saw a student put something in her coffee and told the cops. the cops determined her coffee was enhanced with a butt
12:53 am
enhancing drug. the glute boost is a but to bees bees -- buttocks enhancement supplement. should the student face charges ? >> to be dead serious, yes. you can't drug somebody whether for the purpose of making a rnlg laker butt or taking advantage of them. however i did not know the pills existed. i want to know where they are how much i can buy them. >> i wail say something risky here, poisoning your teacher is never acceptable. i said it. >> letters. >> technically this was meant to enhance. >> they say it is a bust enhancing drug. does it make it rounder 1234* does it make it bigger? it could be the student meant it as a compliment because she does not have a big butt. she was saying you can add to your butt. >> i will raise you that
12:54 am
because maybe it makes the experience better. this could be a philip morris thing. >> i'm not sure what is worse the here reor the joke. >> remi, what should the kids' punishment be? >> he should be charged with a crime. it is some form of probation. >> we are going to charge him with a crime. >> absolutely. >> if i slip something into your drink that wouldn't hurt you, but you wouldn't know about it. it could have a potential adverse affect on your physical well being. that's a crime. >> i never heard of a roof fee being put into a girl's drink. >> you know what, at some point the law is going to catch up with you. at some point the law will catch up with you.
12:55 am
at some point, the law will catch up with you. >> we don't know what happened with the date were on earlier. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up. go to fox eye.
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" sherrod small,
12:59 am
tammy bruce and the cultural news editor, michael money -- monihan. time to go back to tom shalou. >> dennis, what are you looking forward to watching? joy what did i say i -- >> what did i say? the big debate, the vice president. it was so fun to see after obama blew it all of the excuses from the democrats. it was altitude sickness. he was quitting smoking. it was the moderator's fault. what excuse will they get when biden gets his ass kicked buy paul ryan, baby? >> wow. >> remi, i hear you have an anniversary shoutout for somebody. >> yes, thank you for letting me say it. happy anniversary to my sister, alise and her wonderful husband, mark. they are celebrating three years today. congratulations. >> alise and mark, oh. gavin

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